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In the Netherlands a lot of organisations are (more or less) involved with recreational cycling/ cycle tourism. Because of that, there is always need of cooperation and coordination. Therefore Fietsplatform (Dutch cycling platform) was founded in 1987 as an “umbrella-organisation” (public-private partnership, foundation). It is a small organisation (7 employees, about 100 active volunteers). Members of the board are the Dutch tourist’ union ‘ANWB’, the Dutch cyclist’ union ‘Fietsersbond’ and the Union for cycle-touring clubs ‘NTFU’. The work of Fietsplatform is financially supported by the member organisations and 11 of the 12 Dutch provinces(/regions).
With the support of the national and regional authorities (Ministries and Provinces) Fietsplatform tries to improve the facilities for recreational cycling/ cycle tourism in the Netherlands and the use of these facilities.

Fietsplatform has two main tasks: 

1. Functioning as a national expertise- and co-ordination centre
Giving impulses to the improving and the promotion of recreational cycling/ cycle tourism in NL (collecting and exchanging information, benchmarking, pointing at specific problems); 

knooppunt bordjeLF-bordje

2. Functioning as the project leader for the National Cycle Network
Development (signing), maintenance, improvement and promotion of the Dutch network of long distance cycle-routes (3.600 km, january 2022) as a basis for cycle holidays and weekend trips. Coordinating the development and promotion of the complementary regional route networks.  

Fietsplatform is the initiator and coordinator of the promotion labels Fietsers Welkom! ('Cyclists Welcome') and of the website Nederland Fietsland ('Cycling Holland').

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