about us


Cycling: it is the way to actively enjoy city and country. On an annual basis, there are hundreds of millions of recreational cycling trips. Within this playing field, we as Landelijk Fietsplatform have been the independent knowledge and information point for more than 35 years.

Our belief is that you experience the Netherlands at its most beautiful on a bicycle. It is our mission to make the Netherlands the best recreational cycling country in the world, now and in the future. We remove physical and administrative barriers, provide knowledge sharing with and between professional partners and offer inspiration and information to recreational cyclists from home and abroad. We connect regional, provincial, national and international parties. And make cycling in the Netherlands a borderless experience: safe, easy and fun.

Team and board

The basis of Fietsplatform consists of a small team of professionals. From the office in Amersfoort, we work on the implementation of the work programme, financed by contributions from government (national and provincial) and our own income. A group of over 100 active volunteers supports us in this. Always with the recreational cyclist in the leading role. ANWB, Fietsersbond and cycling federation NTFU are on our board. So all disciplines from holiday cyclist, day-trip cyclist, commuter cyclist, mountain biker to touring cyclist are represented.

Knowledge sharing and advocacy

Who is the cyclist, where does the cyclist cycle? We know and share it. Through national surveys and provincial reports, we provide up-to-date insight into recreational cycling in the Netherlands. (We published two factsheets in English, you will find them at the bottom of this page) We also share our knowledge in partnerships such as EuroVelo, Dutch Cycling Embassy and Tour de Force. To keep cycling safe and attractive, we advocate better matching the supply of paths and roads to increased and changed use.

Added value

Our national approach offers added value. For instance, we manage one central address for reports on cycling (and walking) routes, a database with up-to-date geo-information, a portal on recreational cycling and a quality label for bicycle-friendly addresses. All with national coverage. And all helping both professionals and consumers.

Inform, inspire and motivate

The aim of our label and portal Nederland Fietsland is to provide an overview of the enormous range of cycling opportunities in our country. Within the multilingual portal nederlandfietsland.nl, there is a strong focus on the various regions. In cooperation with them, we present a selection of routes. Always with links to regional tourist websites where you can find even more routes and information.

Cycle route offer

Every year, we let hundreds of thousands of cyclists from home and abroad enjoy beautiful cycling tours. We are responsible for the Long Distance Cycling Routes (LF-routes) and develop derived LF-weekend tours. We do this for a growing group of holiday cyclists. On an annual basis, there are 756,000 trips on LF routes.

Besides the Long Distance Cycle Routes, there is a nationwide network of cycle junctions. Both the LF routes and the uniformity of the cycling junctions are there thanks to Fietsplatform. We help provinces and regions monitor the quality and continuity of the junction routes. Then you’re talking about 37 regional networks, almost 9,500 nodes and a total of over 34,500 km of route.